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    Интересно обсудить тему оптимизаторов типа PowerCommander, HMF Optimizer и т.д. В чем смысл? Что дают различной технике? Есть ли смысл ставить?
    - А вот и задница! - обрадовались приключения.

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    Re: Оптимизаторы

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    Интересно обсудить тему оптимизаторов типа PowerCommander, HMF Optimizer и т.д. В чем смысл? Что дают различной технике? Есть ли смысл ставить?
    серега, я ставил HMF Optimizer на свой аут.. теоретически он может добавить кобыл, но практически мы так ничего и не добились.. пришли к выводу, что без диностенда совершенно бесполезная шняга.. много перерыл инета в поисках инструкции по настройкам, информации практически нет.. кое что я конечно нарыл, но все как то не конкретно.. если будет интересно, могу порыться в своих архивах, но только после 2-го этапа чу..
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    Re: Оптимизаторы

    У меня на РЗР стоит Альба Рейсинг контролер плюс прямоточный выхлоп.
    Правда сейчас я снял выхлоп и отключил контроллер , так как сильно звук громкий
    Ниже прилагаю описание его настроек и , что он дает.
    А в тюбе гдето есть испытания этой системы на дино тесте и там по моему были графики и показано , что он добавляет около 10 сил.
    По моим ощущениям РЗРка стала чуть резвее.
    А настраивать можно на нем и кривую крутящего момента.

    "Thank you for purchasing an Alba Fuel-Injection control module. Please read the following instructions/information prior to using the module.
    NOTE: The fuel injection system on your ATV/UTV is known as an "open-loop fuel injection system". This means that the fuel injection system does not re-calibrate itself for use of a performance exhaust system, or for any other motor modification. It only compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure (elevation) and temperature. Therefore if you use a good performing exhaust (like ours) without a fuel management module, your engine will run "lean". This module is adjustable and allows us to "re-map" the fuel curve to accommodate for any changes made to the ATV.
    If you acquired this FI module as part of an Alba exhaust kit which you purchased from us, then we have pre-set the module with settings we determined through rigorous development and testing. No adjustments should be necessary. However you can make adjustments to the module for the purpose of "fine-tuning" since all units vary slightly. Understand that without the proper knowledge and equipment, any changes can result in decreased performance and/or reliability. Please read the following instructions for adjusting the FI module.
    The user interface is made very easy with the three buttons located on the front of the module. The three buttons are labeled with "Mode", "+", & "-". There are also eight (8) LED's on the face of the module which display values/settings for the different modes. To access these modes, you must have the power on with the engine running/idling. Immediately after start-up the LED's will initially cycle and end up at position #1. It is now in the "monitor" mode and the LED should be green. "Monitor" mode is used during normal operation. The LED's positions increase and decrease proportional to the throttle position.
    There are five (5) modes which you can adjust. Mode #1, 2, & 3 allow you richen or lean out the air : fuel mixture, just as you would re-jet a carburetor. Before adjusting, you must determine what aspect of the jetting you want to change.
    Mode #1 (FLASHING GREEN) changes your air : fuel mixture at low throttle positions and low RPM ranges. Adjusting this mode will have the same effect as changing the Pilot jet in a carburetor.
    Mode #2 (FLASHING YELLOW) changes your air : fuel mixture at mid throttle positions and mid RPM ranges. Adjusting this mode will have the same effect as changing the Needle position in a carburetor.
    Mode #3 (FLASHING RED) changes your air : fuel mixture at high & wide-open throttle positions & high RPM ranges. Adjusting this mode will have the same effect as changing the Main jet in a carburetor.
    Mode # 4 (FLASHING YELLOW & BLUE) & Mode # 5 (FLASHING RED & BLUE) deal with the transition & overlap of the first three modes. (Mode 4 changes the transition & overlap between mode # 1 & 2, while Mode 5 changes the overlap & transition between Mode 2 & 3.) THESE MODES SHOULD NOT NEED ADJUSTMENT UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS!
    Pressing the mode button once after engine start-up will access "Mode 1". This is noted by the LED flashing (still green). While in Mode #1 (LED flashing green), pressing the "+" button will richen the mixture, while pressing the "-" button will lean the mixture. You will notice for every time you press the + or - buttons, the flashing LED will change position. If you do not press any buttons for 10-15 seconds then the LED stops flashing and the module returns to "monitor" mode. If you want to re-enter Mode #1, press the Mode button again and the LED should start flashing again.
    If you are in mode # 1 (LED flashing green) pressing the mode button again will enter and allow you to adjust Mode #2 (LED flashing yellow). You can continue to press the mode button and cycle between all five modes. Pressing it a 6th time will return the module to Mode #1. To exit the adjustment modes, do not press any buttons for a time period of approximately 10-15 seconds. When the green light stops flashing it has returned to “monitor” mode and is ready for normal operation.
    Having a proper air : fuel ratio is critical for proper running, maximum power, and reliability. If it is evident &/or determined that adjustments must be made we highly recommend that an authorized professional perform any changes. Alba Racing shall not under any circumstances, be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages which may arise &/or result from the use of this FI module or any item relating to it. Alba Racing reserves the right to make changes &/or improvements without notice & without incurring liability with respect to similar modifications/products previously sold &/or installed. Modifications sold, performed &/or installed by Alba Racing) are designed and intended to modify or prepare a vehicle for uses which may exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacturer. Purchasers of aftermarket components/modifications sold &/or installed by Alba Racing are warned that any such modifications &/or installations are for “off highway” closed course competitive, &/or show use."

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